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        Smart Nas app


        Take control with SmartNas!
        Download the app!


        Set a message of your choosing to be sent to all missed callers when you’re unreachable. Whether you’re busy, out of town or out of battery, make sure your friends and family know why you can’t take their call.

        They’ll automatically receive an SMS notification after they’ve tried calling you, informing them, in your own words, why you are unable to take their call. You can write your own message by following the instructions below.

        Subscribe now for only 2 cents/day!

        • Subscribe
        • Fee

        How to use

        1. To set your MyNotify message:

          Via IVR:

        • Dial 7171 and follow the instructions
          Via SMS:

        • SMS ‘SET (your message)’ to?7171
        • For example, in an SMS to 7171: SET Sorry, but I can’t answer your call because I’m playing football now. I’ll call you back soon

        2. For more information, SMS ‘HELP’ to?7171


        • Keep in touch with your callers even if you’re busy
        • Available to all Smart customers, except for those on Smart Traveller SIM
        • Subscription fee only 2 cents/day

        Terms & Conditions

        • Subscription fee is charged from your main balance.
        • Available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers, except Smart Traveller SIM subscribers.
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        Control and manage your balance, subscribe to services, top up and get more done anytime, anywhere.

        Get SmartNas

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