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        Watch the latest Khmer music videos, keep up to date with the hottest Hollywood gossip, experience the greatest sporting action, plus a whole lot more with Vuclip!

        Get UNLIMITED access to Vuclip for ONLY 5 cents/day or 30 cents/week. Subscribe now at vuclip.smart.com.kh.


        • Enjoy a huge selection of videos and short films with UNLIMITED access
        • Available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid subscribers
        • Khmer music videos, Hollywood gossip, sports and many more categories to browse

        Terms & conditions

        • Vuclip is an auto-renewal service.
        • You can only subscribe to Vuclip via a data connection.
        • Vuclip is only available on mobile devices with data access. Subscribers cannot access Vuclip on mobile via Wi-Fi or on a PC/laptop.
        • Vuclip is available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers.
        • To unsubscribe from Vuclip, go to ‘My Account’ and press ‘Unsubscribe’.
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