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        Smart Nas app


        Take control with SmartNas!
        Download the app!


        Listen to your favorite songs when you call someone with Smart Tunes4U or share your favorite songs with friends when they call you with Smart Tunes4Friends.

        You can choose from the latest tracks from the most popular artists, with a subscription fee of ONLY 20 cents/month and 20 cents/song!

        You can also manage your Smart Tunes easily in the SmartNas app.

        Smart Tunes
        • Fee
        • Song fee
        • Subscribe
        To unsubscribe:

        How to use

        1. You can easily manage your Smart Tunes in the SmartNas app or by dialing *855#.

        2. After you’ve dialed *855#, key in number “6” and reply to access “Settings”.

        3. Reply “1” for Smart Tunes4Friends or “2” for Smart Tunes4U.

        4. You can then select which Smart Tunes you want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from.


        • Subscription fee of ONLY 20 cents/month
        • Choose from your favorite artists and change songs whenever you want
        • Set any song for Smart Tunes4U or Smart Tunes4Friends for ONLY 20 cents

        Terms & Conditions

        • Subscription fee auto-renews every month.
        • Tunes auto-renew every month.
        • Any purchased songs will automatically be used for Smart Tunes4U or Smart Tunes4Friends
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        Control and manage your balance, subscribe to services, top up and get more done anytime, anywhere.

        Get SmartNas

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