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        Smart Nas app


        Take control with SmartNas!
        Download the app!


        Combine your calendar, emails, social-media accounts, messages and much more, managing them all seamlessly with SmartBox – an easy-to-use web portal.

        You can choose from two different versions, depending on your needs, and manage everything from your Facebook account to your phone’s contact list.

        Convenient. Simple. Smart.

        • Subscribe
        • Fee
        • Email accounts
        • Send emails
        • Email storage
        • Social networks
        • Add contacts
        • Google contacts and calendar sync
        • SMS 'F' to 565
        • 7 cents/day
        • Yes
        • Yes
        • 1GB
        • Yes
        • Yes
        • Yes
        • SMS 'L' to 565
        • 3 cents/day
        • Yes
        • Yes
        • 200MB
        • No
        • Yes
        • No


        • Manage a range of different contact features, from social media to emails, from one interface
        • FULL and LITE versions, depending on your needs
        • Web-portal design so you’ll receive any updates immediately

        Terms & Conditions

        • SmartBox is available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers, except Smart Traveller SIM subscribers.
        • To unsubscribe from SmartBox FULL, dial *565*0*1#.
        • To unsubscribe from SmartBox LITE, dial *565*0*2#.
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        Control and manage your balance, subscribe to services, top up and get more done anytime, anywhere.

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