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        Smart Nas app


        Take control with SmartNas!
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        Powered by Smart, Goama is an Android app in which you can play over 400 fun games FREE for 7 days and then only 5 cents/day or 20 cents/week after that – completely ad-free!?

        There are no in-app purchases and you can play as much as you want, whenever you want!

        Goama Daily
        Goama Weekly
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        Here are some of the games available in Goama. Give them a go!

        Terms & Conditions

        • All Smart subscribers with an Android device can subscribe to the Goama?service.
        • The subscription auto-renewal is applied at midnight on the last day of your subscription. With the weekly subscription, an SMS notification will be sent to remind you of the auto-renewal one day prior to its occurrence.
        • If the auto-renewal does not process due to insufficient balance, you will be unable to access the service.
        • The Goama service will be immediately removed if you submit a request to unsubscribe.
        • You can activate only one subscription at a time – daily or weekly.
        • Active daily subscribers can upgrade to the weekly package by dialing *799*2#. However, active weekly subscribers cannot subscribe to the daily package unless they first unsubscribe from their weekly subscription.
        • A one-time password is required for non-Smart subscribers to access the Goama service. The password will be sent via SMS when you download the app.
        • All new users enjoy?Goama free for the first 7 days.

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