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Want to make the most of your balance? You need to Xchange! Spend 1 USD and get 30 USD for on-net calls, SMS and data on top of your main balance.

You can enjoy a range of great value Smart Xchange rates, activating as many times as you want. You can even activate an Xchange for friends, too!

  • 10 cents = 1 USD
  • 20 cents = 2 USD
  • 50 cents = 8 USD
  • 1 USD = 30 USD
  • 2 USD = 60 USD

To activate a Smart Xchange for a friend's account, dial *656*(phone number)*100#


  • Use Smart Xchange balance for on-net calls, SMS and data
  • Xchange as many times as you want
  • Share to friends’ numbers for ONLY 1 cent

Terms & Conditions

  • You can activate Smart Xchange as often as you like, both for your own account and for others’, but the amount will not be added together. The primary exchanged sum will be used up first, then the following exchanged amount.
  • The validity period of your Smart Xchange balance lasts as long as your longest exchange. For example, if on May 1, you exchange 1 USD for 30 USD, the validity is 12 days so it expires on May 12. If on May 1 you also exchange 10 cents for 1 USD, it will also expire on May 12, despite normally having a validity of only one day.
  • To make Smart Xchange transactions, you and your friends must be in an active status.
  • If you use Smart Xchange for friends, the activation fee will be charged from your main balance.
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