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        Mr. Thomas Hundt

        Chief Executive Officer

        Thomas has gained vast experience in the industry during his tenure in key management positions with Siemens AG’s Communication Division and Nokia Siemens Networks. Thomas was also a member of the Supervisory Board of Azerfon in Azerbaijan.

        Since mid-2008, he has been CEO of the dynamically growing start-up mobile operator in Cambodia, Smart Mobile, which he grew from greenfield, number eight position in the market to number three position, including through the acquisition of Star-Cell in 2011. Since the completion of the merger between Hello Axiata and Smart Mobile in February 2013, Thomas serves as the CEO of Smart, now one of the leading mobile operators in Cambodia.

        Mr. Feiruz IKHWAN

        Chief Financial Officer

        Feiruz joins Smart Axiata in October 2018, having been with the Axiata Group for over 10 years in roles both in Indonesia and Malaysia. Prior to this, he was the Group Head of Finance at XL Axiata, Indonesia, leading the strategic financial initiatives and played a key role in XL’s Transformational Journey. He has been with the Axiata Group since inception in 2008, where he led the Strategic Investor Relations for the Group and was part of the team overseeing the Regional Operations. His career in the telecommunications industry began in Telekom Malaysia Berhad up to the demerger and listing of Axiata Group Berhad, in which he was a core team member of the strategic exercise.

        He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons) in Economics (Accounting and Finance) from the London School of Economics.

        Mr. Stjepan Udovicic

        Chief Marketing Officer

        Stjepan is a senior Telecoms executive and Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Axiata. His earlier roles include Marketing Director of Orange Romania, Director of Customer Experience with ETISALAT and other commercial positions with AXIS Telekom in Indonesia and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile).

        Stjepan’s experience spans leadership roles in product management, pricing, customer insights and customer experience as well as sales and commercial operations. Other experience includes the development of commercial strategy and product development and implementation.

        He has broad international experience and has worked in Cambodia, Croatia, Indonesia, Slovenia, Romania and the USA. Stjepan speaks fluent English, Croatian and Slovene with a medium level of French and German and has led diverse multinational teams in these locations. Stjepan has an MBA from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and a Master of Science in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool.

        Mr. Andrey Kuzin

        Chief Technical Officer

        Andrey has 12 years of experience in mobile telecommunication starting from engineering to project management and Chief Technical Officer positions in various telecommunication vendors and operators.

        Andrey gains extensive experience of managing complex telecommunication projects across different countries, nations and technologies. Andrey has accomplished network merge of “Hello Axiata” and “Smart Mobile” into Smart Axiata. The network merge is successfully accomplished and great synergy is gained with boost in growth of subscribers and revenue bringing Smart to number 2 operator in Cambodia.

        Andrey is a leader and aims at constantly growing his potential and the potential of those around him, making people around enjoy what they are doing and enjoy it himself.

        Mr. Kalyan Achyutuni

        Chief Information Officer

        Kalyan was appointed Chief Information Officer of Smart Axiata on 1 August 2017. Prior to joining, he held multiple leadership positions during a 4-year stint within the Axiata Group. Kalyan has more than 14 years’ experience as an IT & Telecommunications executive, and believes that technology advancements can create a significant impact by making people’s lives easier and better. He has extensive experience in handling complex projects and managing multicultural teams comprising multiple nationalities.

        Kalyan was born in India and graduated as an engineer with Electrical and Electronics as a specialization. He gained vast experience in the field of Information Technology, holding various technology positions in multinational IT services and consulting firms, including Infosys Technologies Limited and Tata Consultancy Services in both the Indian and Malaysian Offices.

        Mr. Anthony Perkins

        Chief Digital Services Officer

        Anthony is the Chief Digital Services Officer of Smart Axiata, joining in late 2016. Prior to joining Smart Axiata, he was working for one year at Cambodian conglomerate Royal Group, and prior to that was Chief Executive Officer of Cambodian Specialised bank Wing; having lived in Cambodia since 2008.

        After starting in the technology department at Wing, Anthony continued his work at Wing as Chief Operating Officer, before becoming CEO shortly after the takeover of Wing by Royal Group from ANZ, and driving the company to the #1 position in mobile money in Cambodia.

        Born in the United Kingdom, Anthony worked in the City of London for 11 years in various technology positions at blue-chip financial institutions including Barclays, Aon, Bank of New York Europe, IBM Global Services, Royal Bank of Scotland and JP Morgan Cazenove. He graduated from the University of
        Greenwich, London with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Computing Science in 1997.

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