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Our Smart @Home promotions have been extended! From June 1 to August 31, you can take advantage of our great offers and receive special gifts.?

You can get a FREE Smart number (worth 129 USD) as a new or existing Smart @Home subscriber (if you don’t already have a Smart number linked with your Smart @Home). You can also get the Smart Pocket Wi-Fi for ONLY 6 USD with the 6-month Premium plan renewal package or for FREE with the 12-month Premium plan renewal package. ?

You can order your Smart @Home at your convenience in the SmartNas app or at any Smart Shop nationwide. You can also browse our Smart @Home plans and find the right one for you here: ?

Terms & Conditions

  • The offers are available at every Smart Dealer, through the Smart Direct Sales Team and at any Smart Shop. ?
  • The offers run from June 1 to August 31, 2020. ?
  • You can redeem the Smart Pocket Wi-Fi at any Smart Shop nationwide. ?
  • To redeem the Smart Pocket Wi-Fi or buy it for 6 USD through the offer, you must bring the identification document used during your Smart @Home profile registration for verification. ?
  • If the Smart Pocket Wi-Fi service is faulty or unusable and you would like to return it for a refund, the device must be returned in good condition. If the Smart Pocket Wi-Fi device has been broken, the refund will not be paid in full.?
  • The Smart Pocket Wi-Fi can only be redeemed between the start of the promotion and September 7, 2020.?
  • Those with a current or newly activated non-Smart linked number are required to come to any Smart Shop to redeem the free Smart number, at which time you will also receive the standard monthly 2GB of mobile data. ?
  • To get the new Smart number for free, you must bring your non-Smart linked number and present it to a Smart Shop agent. ?
  • The new Smart number given to you must be used as your new Smart @Home linked number. If it is not, you will not receive the free Silver number or the 2GB of data each month.?
  • Those who changed their Smart SIM card for a non-Smart SIM after May 1, 2020, will not be eligible to receive the free Smart number. ?
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