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You can win every week with E-Top Up & WIN! Simply top up at least 2.5 USD electronically and?you’ll?be?entered into the weekly Lucky Draw for?3 realme 6i smartphones! The Draw will take place?on our Facebook page LIVE every Monday at 7 PM until December 2020.??

You can e-top up through your bank account,?in SmartNas?with your bank card or?e-wallet, and at any?Smart Shop or Smart Dealer.?The more you?top up, the greater your chances of winning!?


Terms & Conditions

  1. To become eligible for the Lucky Draw, you must e-top up at least 2.5 USD in one transaction.?You will?only be entered?into the Draw if you e-top up (electronically top up).??
  2. The Draw will take place LIVE on the Smart Axiata Facebook page every Monday at 6 PM until December 2020.??
  3. To?become eligible for the Draw of this week, you must top up between 6 PM the previous Monday and 6 PM the?coming Monday. After this week’s Draw concludes, you must top up again to be entered into the next Draw.?
  4. If?you’re?one of this week’s lucky winners,?you’ll?receive a phone call informing you that?you’ve?won. If you fail to?answer the call within three days of the announcement,?you will?not be able to claim your prize. ??
  5. Prizes can only be redeemed from Smart Shop?Monivong?at the date and time that will be communicated.??
  6. This promotion runs every week until 28.12.2020.??
  7. Each time you e-top up 2.5 USD, your number will be entered into the Draw. For example, if you e-top up 10 USD,?your number will be entered 4 times, so?you’ll?have a better chance of winning.?
  8. You will?not be entered into the Draw if you top up with a Smart Card in?SmartNas.??

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