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No Wi-Fi? No data? No problem! With the Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan, you can watch?all the videos you like on YouTube, share your story as much as you want?on Facebook and stream your favorite?TikTok?clips anytime, wherever?you are.?

With 3GB of data EVERY WEEK, and 500 minutes for on-net calls and 500?on-net SMS EVERY DAY, this plan will keep you surfing, talking and?having fun for longer!

Get all these fantastic benefits for ONLY 1.25?USD/week!

Smart OsPaNhaHa!
  • As much as you want
  • Internet data
  • On-net SMS
  • On-net calls
  • Subscribe

Terms & Conditions

  • The Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan gives you 3GB of data as standard. You will also receive a promotional 2GB of data until 30th?September 2020.
  • If you switch to the Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan from another plan, your previous?tariff’s benefits will be wiped.???
  • The Smart?OsPaNhaHa! subscription fee will be charged from your main?balance.???
  • Once subscribed to the Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan, you will immediately receive?the plan’s benefits.??
  • The 500 on-net minutes per day and 500 on-net SMS per day you receive with?the Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan can only be used to call and message Smart?numbers.
  • Smart?OsPaNhaHa! will auto-renew every 7 days. If you have insufficient?balance at the time of renewal, the plan will be suspended and the renewal?will process automatically when you next top up and have sufficient balance.???
  • You will receive an SMS notification once you have used 80% of your 3GB of data.????
  • Upon depletion of your Smart?OsPaNhaHa! benefits, standard charges will?apply.???
  • You can subscribe to/activate services such as Smart Xchange,?SurfLikeCrazy,?TalkLikeCrazy?and?SocialPack?Unlimited with the Smart?OsPaNhaHa! plan.??
  • You can unsubscribe from?Smart?OsPaNhaHa! by switching to another plan.???
  • Smart?OsPaNhaHa! benefits are for domestic use only.??
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